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From the plugin's documentation:

Eclipse PMI Retrieves meta data about the project from the Eclipse PMI infrastructure.

See the project's documentation for more information.

The plugin has generated 17 information items, 5 metrics, 3 recommendations, 1 visualisation, 3 downloads, and 0 figures. Last analysis was executed on 2017-04-22 15:20:59.


Name Value
PMI_DESC <p>Eclipse OCL is an implementation of the <a href="" rel="nofollow">Object Constraint Language (OCL)</a> OMG standard for EMF-based models.</p> <h3> Classic OCL Ecore/UML</h3> <p>The Classic core OCL component provides the following capabilities to support OCL integration:</p> <ul><li> Defines APIs for parsing and evaluating OCL constraints and queries on Ecore or UML models.</li> <li> Defines Ecore and UML implementations of the OCL abstract syntax model, including support for serialization of parsed OCL expressions.</li> <li> Provides a Visitor API for analyzing/transforming the AST model of OCL expressions.</li> <li> Provides an extensibility API for clients to customize the parsing and evaluation environments used by the parser.</li> </ul><p>The accompanying examples provide:</p> <ul><li> A Console for interactive evaluation of OCL expression on models.</li> <li> (Indigo) An Impact Analyzer to support analysis and optimised re-evaluation.</li> </ul><p>The core OCL parser is generated by the LALR Parser Generator, a SourceForge project, licensed under the EPL v1.0. Download it from the LPG home page. This site includes the generator executable required to regenerate the parser code.</p> <h3> Unified Pivot OCL</h3> <p>The Pivot OCL prototypes resolution of many oroblems in the OMG 2.4 specification.</p> <ul><li> An Xtext editor for OCL expressions (used by Papyrus and the Console).</li> <li> An Xtext editor for OCL documents complemementing meta-models (Complete OCL).</li> <li> An Xtext editor for OCLinEcore - OCL embedded in Ecore.</li> <li> An Xtext editor for the OCL 'Standard' Library model.</li> <li> A UML-aligned Unified or Pivot OCL meta-model supporting templates and reflection.</li> <li> An OCL evaluator exploiting the extensible OCL library model.</li> </ul><p>The accompanying examples provide:</p> <ul><li> An Xtext Console for interactive evaluation of OCL expression on models.</li> <li> Extensible direct OCL to Java code generation</li> <li> A Validity View for detailed Constraint/ModelElement validity visualization</li> <li> Extensible OCL debugger</li> </ul>
PMI_ID modeling.mdt.ocl
PMI_TITLE OCL (Object Constraint Language)


Name Mnemo Description Value Indicator
Access information PMI_ACCESS_INFO Is the access info (downloads, update sites..) correctly filled in the PMI records?
Doc information PMI_DOC_INFO Is the documentation info correctly filled in the PMI records?
ITS information PMI_ITS_INFO Is the bugzilla info correctly filled in the PMI records? 5 5
Number of releases PMI_REL_VOL The number of releases recorded in the PMI.
SCM information PMI_SCM_INFO Is the source_repo info correctly filled in the PMI records? 0 1


Type Severity Description
PMI_EMPTY_WEB High The web site URL is missing in the PMI.
PMI_EMPTY_TITLE Medium The title entry is empty in the PMI.
PMI_EMPTY_PROPOSAL Low The proposal document URL is empty in the PMI. It helps people understand the genesis of the project and should be filled.


Script Name URL
pmi_checks Eclipse PMI Checks /projects/modeling.mdt.ocl/EclipsePmi/pmi_checks


Plugin Description URL
pmi.json pmi.json
The PMI file as returned by the Eclipse repository (JSON).
pmi_checks.csv pmi_checks.csv
The list of PMI checks and their results (CSV).
pmi_checks.json pmi_checks.json
The list of PMI checks and their results (JSON).


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