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This section shows information about SO posts concerning the tag eclipse-gmf during the last 5 years (i.e. from 2012-03-27 to 2012-03-27). The list of questions for this tag can be browsed on the Stack Overflow web site.

Quick Summary

  • There is a total of 68 questions and 128 posts related to eclipse-gmf.
  • Posts analysed span from 2012-04-10 to 2017-02-10.
  • Last activity registered was on 2017-02-10 04:41.
  • 35 of them (51%) have an accepted answered.
  • 16 actually have answers but none of them is accepted.
  • 17 have no answer at all.
  • There is an average of 0.88 answers to questions.

The wordcloud on the right details frequent words used in the question titles. The size and colour of the words depend on their number of appearances in questions. It shows what are the concerns and issues of people when dealing with the project.

Recent questions waiting for an answer

The following recent questions (less than 1 month old) have been asked more than 2 days ago and still have no answer. Would you like to check them?

Recent questions without any answer on SO for tag modeling.gmf
Question Created on Score Views
selecting one Node (along with inside edges) from CSSDiagramImpl file and saving it in a new file 2017-02-10 04:03:41 0 6

All-time questions without an accepted answer

There are 33 questions without an accepted answer, including 33 with a score superior or equal to 1. The following table lists the top ten questions that had no accepted answer, sorted by number of views.

The plot on the left shows the number of questions related to modeling.gmf across the years. Questions with an accepted answer are plotted in blue, while questions without an accepted answer are plotted in red.

Non-answered but upvoted questions on SO for tag modeling.gmf
Question Last update Score Views
How to create uml class diagram and notations by programming? 2012-06-13 03:19 1 752
GMF how to create different shapes for link decorations 2012-09-03 10:35 0 448
create GMF diagram programmatically 2017-01-13 17:50 0 379
GMF add a button to its toolbar 2013-11-06 17:53 0 325
Eclipse GMF Model selected Wizward could not be started 2014-02-26 01:17 0 308
Add a newly created/custom component on the palette 2013-05-14 07:39 1 269
Eclipse GMF state machines with concurrent regions 2012-11-10 12:17 1 205
create nodes programatically with gmf but without setting its properties 2015-04-17 07:12 0 192
Eclipse EMF - Synchronize common model data 2013-11-01 11:19 0 187
Comparing Performance Eclipse GMF & MS Modeling SDK 2014-10-02 04:37 0 132

History of modeling.gmf questions

The following graphic shows the number of questions concerning modeling.gmf, from 2012-04-10 to 2017-02-10. The size of bubbles show the score they got by SO users.

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